CRS NI Celebrate 10 years in Business

This month CRS NI are celebrating 10 years in business, this special milestone being the result of continuous innovation, dedication and hard work over the years.

Managing Director Sean Conlon has worked in the waste management & engineering industry for over 30 years and his passion for innovation drove him to open his own company in July 2009. From day one his strong belief in innovation driven by customer feedback has fuelled his success with CRS becoming one of the major players in the recycling industry.

With growth from two to over 30 people today, CRS NI have invested heavily in their team and now have some of the most talented in the industry allowing them to now progress the business into the future.

CRS NI have a very loyal customer base and include clients such as OCADO, DBS France, Lunnon Waste, SMITH Recycling, Green Box Recycling and GBN Services of London who have just had their 10th CRS NI plant installed. Garry Hobson, Managing Director of GBN Services commented “We chose to work with CRS as they are renowned for their high performing flip flow screen and also manufacture all their products in-house. They spent the time onsite getting to know us and our products, then designed a plant to suit.  We installed the first CRS plant in Harlow in 2013 and were very happy with its performance and as a result we have recently installed our 10th plant, all are complete turnkey systems including Hoppers, Conveyors, Trommels, Picking Stations, Air Separation Units & Fines Recovery Systems.”

Reflecting on their 10 year journey Sean Conlon commented “Although we have significant plans to grow and develop rapidly over the next few years we will never lose sight of our business ethos which is to look after all of our customers, getting to know them, understanding their business, planning an effective solution, and providing them with the highest quality of plant manufacture, build, installation and service backup.

“I would like to thank all our loyal customers and distributors all over the world and look forward to a very optimistic future together.”

This ethos has been instrumental in acquiring continuous repeat business over the last 10 years and has seen CRS NI distribute their full range of unrivalled Mobile & Static Waste Solution products worldwide to many new clients and it’s important to point out that CRS NI have the capability to work with fledgling companies looking for small compact solutions right up to market leading companies requiring cutting edge turn-key solutions with the latest technology.

New Mobile Fines Recovery System

To celebrate their success over the last 10 years CRS NI are launching a new mobile fines recovery system that combines scalping, flip flow screening and air separation technologies in one mobile machine, an industry first concept which is totally new to the market. CRS NI will unveil this very soon!

To find out more please visit or call +44 (0) 28 8076 0496




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What Our Customers Think

We spoke with Michael and David Lunnon, owners of Lunnon Waste to find out more.

Q: Tell us a little about the business
A: Lunnon Group was founded by David Lunnon and later joined by son Michael and have been providing waste management services since 1972.  Plant Hire and Bulk Earthmoving were a large division of the company until 1991 when the focus changed to concentrate on the waste management aspects of the company.  In 1991 the company opened the Waste Transfer Station at its base in Ongar and have steadily expanded operations including the acquisition of neighbouring industrial premises to aid expansion. They operate a fleet of Skip and Hook Loader vehicles serving Commercial and Domestic clients throughout Essex with the Waste transfer station also being open to 3rd party clients.

Q: Why you chose Earth Equipment & CRS?
A: CRS was recommended to us by a competitor, my initial conversation with Sean of CRS led to an introduction with Peter of Earth Equipment. Earth Equipment visited our facility and quickly gained an understanding of our requirements.

Q: What was your challenge before your new installation including material and application?
A: The principal challenge was designing a plant that would fit within our existing infrastructure given the space available. Four alternative designs were prepared before the final decision was made. The material being handled was typical C&D waste having been pre-sorted to remove oversize.  Prior to the installation of the plant we were removing the oversize material using mechanical grab, the smaller fractions were being floor picked by hand using machinery to spread the waste which resulted in handling the same material multiple times before final destination.

Q: What was your tonnage before and after your installation?
A: The Waste transfer station is licensed for 233,000 tonnes of Solid non-hazardous commercial and domestic waste per annum.  Current throughputs would represent 40% of available capacity. The processing speed of the plant would give the ability to increase tonnage through the facility.

Q: How has the new installation solved your problem?
A: Whilst the waste still requires a pre –sort to remove the oversize, the material once entering the feed hopper is processed immediately without the need to handle the same material multiple times.

Q: Have you noticed any other benefits since the installation?
A: Processing speed and efficiency has greatly increased, which has improved vehicle turn-around times on-site. Quality of end products has also improved.

Q: Have you noticed any improvements in regards to safety?
A: Ground staff picking within the cabin away from mobile plant has greatly improved Health & Safety on site. Vehicle movements on-site are also safer as the waste streams are more contained giving more room to manoeuvre.

Q: Has the general moral in the company improved since the installation due to employees feeling safer in a cabin as opposed to picking on the ground?
A: Staff are more content in a clean safe environment and appreciate the efficiency the plant has brought to the site operation.

Q: How would you describe the overall plant quality and performance?
A: We had encountered some teething problems as expected with any installation, however both Earth and CRS have been pro-active in resolving any matters that have occurred. Overall I am very pleased with the performance of the plant.

Q: What would you say to any other company thinking of using our services and products?
A: Good product, well designed and efficient.

Q: Would you recommend CRS & Earth Equipment and would you use us in the future?
A: Yes!

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