Ecogen commit to more investment in Health & Safety with the installation of firebreak walls at their Kings Worthy operation.

As part of their continual commitment to Health and Safety and the welfare of their employees, Hampshire based recycling company Ecogen recently commissioned RSG Structures Ltd to construct 6no - 4m high firebreak walls within their King Worthy facilities.

Totalling around 180m in length, the walls were to be installed within buildings and around existing equipment to give a 4hr fire protection rating for the facility.

RSG Director Gareth Neale takes up the story “We were approached by Ecogen to provide options for their new internal fire walls and these walls had to be 4hr fire rated, fast build, dry jointed and self-supporting. Of the many systems we use for firewall only the Legato system would meet all of these requirements and so designs were drawn up to fit within the existing buildings.

“Space was tight but by using a variety of different sizes of block available we could make the walls fit snugly into position. Our next challenge was the amount of traffic movements Ecogen already have on their site. Installing during the normal working week would prove almost impossible logistically, as we needed to bring another 25 lorries onto an already busy site. Will and his team were fantastic to work with, as they arranged to shut the site down for a day so we could have unrestricted access from late Thursday until Saturday afternoon.”

Working closely with Elite and their transport partners, the load sequence was carefully orchestrated and executed to perfection with the first loads rolling in late Thursday, all blocks were on site by close of play Friday and all the blocks were installed by Saturday afternoon.

Gareth continued, “That’s over 750 tonnes of concrete with a 4hr fire rating supplied and installed in under 48hrs with no other support required. There isn’t another system of construction out there that would have been able to achieve this and highlights what can be achieved with a great product, great client, and a great team”.

For more information on the Legato blocks please contact or call 01952 588885 / for advice and quotes on installation, roof systems etc please contact or call 08452 997597

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