Elite legato blocks star in new bunker facility build

RSG Structures Ltd were recently contracted to undertake construction of a new bunker facility for a client in Stoke, which is part of a larger contract involving demolition and rebuild. The bunker was to have very durable 6.4m high walls and was being built onto an existing yard with an undulating concrete surface. Not wanting to break through this concrete and create more issues, the solution was an in-situ plinth with concrete blocks on top, which RSG have used many times.

The plinth acts in two ways, spreading the load of the walls above and also levelling up any change in levels so the walls sit straight and true. Elite precast Concrete’s Legato blocks were a perfect choice for this type of construction, being fast build and cast from high strength concrete are exceedingly hardwearing.

RSG Director Gareth Neale explains why RSG use Elite Legato blocks, “We know what we are working with when we use Legato blocks from Elite. There are other block manufacturers out there, but we personally wouldn’t touch them, as you don’t know what’s arriving on site. Legatos don’t have any recycled materials in them which is critically important because when I’m building 6-7m high walls and then sticking a building on top, I want to know what the blocks are made of and what strength the concrete is.

“Everything we build is fully engineered and so we need to know what we are working with and my engineer needs to know what he is designing with. With a build like this, timing is critical with deliveries and also having the right blocks on each load, otherwise we end up with a site full of blocks we can’t use yet. We had just under 600 blocks to install of varying sizes in many different positions, but as always, working with Elite was simple and easy. The loads arrived when we wanted them and with the blocks we wanted on them. Both Elite and the blocks are always a joy to work with and the result is what you see in the video, a great team effort by all involved”


For further information on Elite’s Legato blocks (or anything else from Elite’s range) please email sales@eliteprecast.co.uk or call 01952 588885 or visit www.eliteprecast.co.uk

For further information on RSG Structure’s extensive range of services please email gneale@rsgstructures.co.uk or call Gareth Neale on 0845 299 7597 or visit www.rsgstructures.co.uk



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