Molson Green provides reliability and quality.

“Our success depends on the reliability and quality of the equipment we run.” These are the words of Ace Liftaway’s Operations Manager Russell Delves when we met up with him at the company’s huge recycling centre near Romsey, north of Southampton.

The company was set up in 1988 by current Managing Director Philip Liddell working from home with a single skip truck. In just over thirty years of operation and constant reinvestment, the company now runs in excess of 45 trucks and over 32 items of plant and machinery handling in excess of 75,000 thousand tonnes of waste on an annual basis.

The 15 acre site is home to a number of processing areas handling general skip waste along with C&D and wood waste. Delivered by their own large fleet of skip wagons along with independent hauliers, processing the material and getting it back out of the door as quickly as possible has driven the company to invest in a number of material processing machines from the single source suppliers at Molson Group.

The quick and effective recycling of C&D waste is handled by a pair of machines from the Terex Finlay range of equipment offered by Molson Finlay. Incoming material is put through a new 883+ Spaleck heavy-duty screen to ensure even the most awkward of material is processed efficiently. The Spaleck screen box has a unique, stepped, 3D punch plate top deck combined with flip-flow bottom deck technology and allows flexibility to work in a range of difficult materials. The vibrating screen is almost blockage and maintenance free and has a processing range between 1mm and 120mm. Powered by a Tier 4F 4.4 litre Caterpillar engine, the 883+ is very quiet in operation and ideal for noise sensitive areas. The 30.5t screen boasts 3 hydraulically adjustable conveyors to discharge the material.

The folding side conveyors extend over 4m away from the machine allowing a large amount of material to be processed before needing to be removed. The oversize material coming off the main conveyor is stockpiled on site before being processed through the site’s wash plant. “The EA are very hot on contaminants, so we clean the material before we crush it into a 6F5 product.” Russell comments. Crushing is carried out by another Terex Finlay product, a J-1170 jaw crusher. “The two machines work excellently together and deal with all of our C&D waste very effectively.” Russell commented “The 883+ Spaleck has particularly impressed us with its ability to screen the difficult material we can get through here on occasions. It is also rare that we have to stop if the material is damp too as it handles the wet material well too, something we were never able to do in the past.”  

Wood waste is also the domain of machinery from the Molson Green range but this time the initial processing work is undertaken by a Terex Ecotec TDS 820 slow speed shredder. The TDS 820 runs two twin 2m long shafts and its design features and build quality have impressed the team at Ace Liftaway massively since its introduction to site. “We operated a shredder from another manufacturer previously and we were constantly having issues with the shaft jamming and breaking. This has not been the issue with the Terex.” Russell comments. Thanks to the self-cleaning 7-7-4 shaft design, hydrostatic drive and independent gearboxes for each shaft, ACE Liftaway are able to customise the shredding program to reduce potential wrapping of material on the shafts and maximise up time and production. The material produced from the shredder is fed onto another Terex Finlay 883+ inclined screen with an 80mm top deck and 10mm bottom deck. Anything oversize is recirculated back into the shredder via a large tracked conveyor. “The products we get from the wood recycling usually goes into the manufacture of Stirling board and chipboard. We will recycle 100% of our wood waste entering the site.” Russell explains.

Whilst the TDS 820 is predominately used for the wood waste operations, the company also uses it for reducing oversize general waste down to an RDF specification. “Using the shredder for this application has enabled us to massively reduce the waste we need to send to landfill on an annual basis.” Russell comments “The use of the shredder on general waste allows us to recover more materials and has ultimately made a massive impact on our expenditure when it comes to sending material to landfill. It has come to a point where we are now looking at adding another unit just for this purpose and ultimately saving us money and reducing the impact on the environment.”

“To keep pushing the company forward and to aim to recycle as much of the material entering our waste stream as possible, we need to invest in reliable and productive kit.” Russell concludes “Whilst the kit plays a massive role in our operation, it is only as good as the back-up and service a manufacturer or dealer can deliver. We have had issues with certain manufacturers in the past, hence the move to Molson where I have to say they are by far the best company we have dealt with. You can pick up the phone to them and speak to someone knowledgeable and always get an honest answer to any question we pose. As far as I’m concerned, Molson Green are the company to deal with in the recycling sector.”

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