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4B Braime Components Limited

4B Braime Components Limited
Hunslet Road
West Yorkshire
LS10 1JZ
United Kingdom


4B Braime Components

About Us
Founded in the UK in 1971, 4B Components, Ltd. has been an industry leader in developing high quality, innovative, and dependable material handling components for the agricultural and industrial sectors. 

4B is a company you can rely on for the equipment you need:

4B has the world's largest range of elevator components, leading the field in elevator bucket design and manufacture and supplying the highest quality forged chain and elevator belting.

4B's electronic division specializes in level controls, intelligent sensors and safety control systems that prevent costly downtime and avoid the risk of explosions in hazardous areas.

4B is your professional partner for the design of new bucket elevators and conveyors and upgrades of existing machines, a design service which we offer free of charge and supported by our full guarantee. We feel that our additional services are just as important as our products themselves.

A subsidiary of The Braime Group, one of the largest suppliers of material handling components in the world, 4B looks back on more than 130 years experience. With subsidiaries in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australia, a worldwide network of distributors, 4B can provide you with practical solutions for all applications at any location.

Certifications: ISO 9001

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Use of stainless-steel elevator bolts for magnet belts in concrete recycling.

Use of stainless-steel elevator bolts for magnet belts in concrete recycling.


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Watchdog™ Super Elite - Bucket Elevator or Conveyor Monitoring System

Watchdog™ Super Elite - Bucket Elevator or Conveyor Monitoring System

4B Braime Components Ltd., a worldwide manufacturer of material handling a… Read Full Article


BAP2UK - New Alignment Sensor For Bucket Elevators

Radio Frequency Level Indicator

A400 Elite - Elevator Belt Alignment Monitoring System

AUE 400 - Rotation Control Module

Binswitch Elite Capacitive Sensor

T500 Elite Hotbus System - Plant-Wide Hazard Monitoring System

M1003 Stopswitch - Stopped Motion Monitor

P1003 and P1004 - 18mm Inductive Sensor

PST2000A - Pullswitch Conveyor Safety Stop Switch

RLI UK - Rotary Level Indicator

M3003, M3008 & M3007 Slipswitch

P3003 & P3004 - 30mm Inductive Sensor

AUTO-SET™ REMOTE Radio Frequency (RF) Capacitance Point Level Indicator

Heavy Duty Speed Monitor Encoder

M800 Elite Speed Switch

P800 PROXSWITCH DIN Style Inductive Proximity Switch

Elevator Buckets

Elevator Bolts

Elevator Belting

Forged Chain & Sprockets

Watchdog Super Elite Monitoring System

Electronics Brochure

Bulldog Belt Alignment and Rip Detection Switch

B400 Elite Belt Switch - Belt Alignment Monitor for Bucket Elevators & Conveyors

Touchswitch - Belt & Pulley Misalignment Sensor

WDA - Belt or Chain Alignment and Motion Monitor

P800 - DIN Style Inductive Proximity Switch

Whirligig - Universal Shaft Sensor Mount

ADB Series Adjustable Depth Bearing Temperature Sensors

WDB Series Bearing Temperature Sensors

WDB7 Lug Style Surface Temperature Sensors

MDB Series Bearing Temperature Sensors

- Wheel Encoder - for belt speed monitoring applications