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inside a building. The intuitive, intelligent, process control system ensures safe and reliable control of the recycling process. By combining the M&K TPS120 with an M&K TSW125 Track Waste Screener and a TAS180 Air Density Separator, M&K can provide a fully mobile alternative to processing waste through a static system. In addition the TPS120 is available as a modular static option. Weighing 20 tons the M&K TPS120 is easy to transport and is ready for action immediately on arrival to site.
The M&K TSW125 Track Waste Screen has been developed specifically for recycling applications. M&K have been designing and manufacturing screens since 1977 - indeed screens have been a core offering since the company’s inception and M&K have delivered 1000’s of screens across 5 continents over 40 years in various different applications. M&K Waste Screens are synonymous with high screening efficiency, large open screen surfaces, high throughput and effective screening due to the high amplitude and high acceleration. It is this technology at the heart of the TSW125 that will deliver the highest screening performance and maximum screening quality with a throughput that is almost completely blockage free and allows finer material to be processed in difficult weather conditions - all on a mobile platform.
Looking forward
Nigel Rafferty added “We’re looking forward to embarking on the next phase of our growth and building the capabilities required to expand and deliver high-quality static & mobile waste recycling solutions into new
markets & territories.”
A final word from Desmond Rafferty “All business owners want to maximise profits in a sustainable way. For Waste Companies, the key challenge is to improve recycling rates,
minimise costs and
maximise production to the lowest possible cost per produced ton, while being application & operationally flexible and providing for a safe working environment”.
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